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Marineland Filters Improve the Water Quality of Your Aquarium

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Marineland Filters Improve the Water Quality of Your Aquarium


Three Stage Filtration

Marineland filters have a revolutionary design that features a complete three stage filtration system for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. Aquarium water is drawn into the canister and though stacked media trays before being returned back into the aquarium, sparkling clean, for your fish to enjoy. This trip through its carbon filter bags assures that your fish exist in a healthy environment that closely mimics the clear and natural waters they would experience in the wild.

The Importance of Water Quality

Improperly filtered water can have disastrous effects on marine life. Ocean and sea water is easily and naturally filtered by the constant movement that is present in large bodies of wild water. This natural habitat and steady filtration allows fish to thrive in large numbers. Fish that are living in aquariums are faced with still waters that are not replenished as frequently, so it is imperative that fish owners replicate the filtration that is natural to what they would experience in the wild. Otherwise, a whole host of bacteria can accumulate within your tank that could seriously jeopardize the health of your fish.

Common Aquarium Nuisances

White Water: Nitrifying bacteria can reproduce at an alarming rate, causing your tank to turn a white, cloudy colour. This problem can be the result of many things, from overfeeding your fish to overpopulating the tank. Without biological filtration, once this bacterium arrives in your tank, it can become very difficult to remove it, even with regular water changes.
Red Water: If the water in your aquarium turns a deep red colour, it is very likely because of a build up of iron. Mineral rich water, such as water from a well, has a noticeably higher oxygen level than treated water, which allows for the oxidization of iron particles. It is this oxidization that discolours the water and encourages the growth of algae. A water purification system, such as reverse osmosis, is the best prevention for red water.
Ammonia: Some bacteria in your tank is necessary in order to keep the natural nitrogen cycle of your tank in balance. If this healthy bacterium is not present, either in a brand new or freshly cleaned tank, ammonia levels will spike, causing your fish to become very sick from ammonia poisoning. More often than not, ammonia borne fish illnesses result in the death of your fish. Controlled bacteria additives are the best first step to setting up a healthy aquarium.
Tan Worms: Inadequate water filtration or filter malfunction can allow tiny tan worms to suddenly populate your tank. While tan worms do not pose a particular threat to the fish in your tank, they are rather unsightly and can serve as an early warning signal to greater bacterial dangers that are lurking in the water.

Protecting Against Bacteria

Fish make wonderful pets for people of all ages. So, just as you would protect a dog from traffic by putting it on a leash, it is equally important to protect your fish from harm. The best defence against harmful bacteria taking over your tank is prevention. Best practices for keeping a healthy aquarium include outfitting your tank with aquarium bubblers, protein skimmers and Marineland filters.